about the shop


online, event-based pop ups & at Lump Gallery

The Concern Newsstand is called 'The Concern' for a few reasons.  It is concerned that humanity is falling to the traps of smartphones and that people are reading from physical, paper objects less and less.  A 'concern' is also the name of a 'business'.  The Chapel Hill / Carrboro, NC area no longer has any used book or magazine stores, for instance.  The Newsstand is offering this service to the community, a reminder to read something other than the internet.  It is also a venue for local artists & artists from beyond to sell their printed materials & limited edition products.

The online store includes a variety of magazines, zines, artist books, clothing & more. New & used literature is for sale both online & in person.  The curated focus is perhaps to expand one's mind in some way beyond the norm.

The Concern Newsstand can be seen at (Chapel Hill/ Durham/ Raleigh area) zine fairs, markets, openings & other local events.  The Concern has a long-term outpost at Lump Gallery (505 S. Blount Street, Raleigh, NC 27601) where materials can be browsed and purchases can be made during gallery hours (Thu- Sat, 12-6pm). Stay tuned via our blog, facebook & instagram pages to see the latest news.