Interactions by A.L. Hollomon-Cook


Interactions, a photo booklet by Amanda Hollomon-Cook

A 28-page black and white zine of a photo series (part 1) taken with a Polaroid Spectra in 2018 and early 2019. The ceramic arches are made by Amanda & the photos are done in collaboration with Thomas Cook, the artist’s partner. Here are some words from the artist: “part 1 arches - When I started making sculpture, as things piled around me, I started seeing them as excess and product which wasn’t what I wanted. Posing with them took those feelings away and allowed me to think of them as performative or conceptual or something. (I like how their space is in a photo and that’s the only way I want them to be seen, really. ) but that space of performative/conceptual/whatever you want to call it is how I think about my practice in so many ways now. Art (in the grander sense of the term) at times feels more consumerist than I’m comfortable with and this taught me to slow down and respect the internal process of art more. For me, it’s quieter and no longer forcing myself to keep up with whatever I felt like I was suppose to be keeping up with. That wasn’t a healthy feeling.”

Amanda Hollomon-Cook is an Asheville based artist.

Self-published, May 2019

5.5” x 8.5”

28 pages

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