Janks Illustrated a publication of Janks Archive


Janks Illustrated is a collection of prints, artist multiples and a digital release with bonus material. Featuring illustrations from the Janks Archive by Brooke Inman, Lisa Ramsey, Cecelia Phillips, Ben K. Voss, Jerstin Crosby, Michelle Fried, Thu Tran, Taylor Dell, Taylor Baldwin, Renee Delosh, Bill Fick, Thad Kellstadt, and Dave Krofta.  

Janks Illustrated includes flocked screenprint, risograph, lino print, post cards, posters, temporary tattoos, ‘Bong Water’ car freshener, stickers and a digital audio download.  It is a limited edition of 55.

Janks Archive is "an ongoing investigation and collection of insult humor from cultures around the world. Insults are an ancient oral tradition embedded within the collective consciousness of a culture or region with inherent ties to human social evolution. How people insult one another and what is perceived to be “bad” or “unattractive” differs from place to place. While the intention appears, at first, to be cruel and negative, janks are in fact an integral aspect of human interaction, used as much to establish dominance as to strengthen camaraderie."  Janks Archive is a collaboration between artists Jessica Langley, Ben Kinsley & Jerstin Crosby.  They have done collections in Kaunas, Riga, Helsinki, Vaasa, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Belfast, Pittsburgh, Mexico City & more.  Janks Archive was in the Queens International 2016.

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