NERTM: New Earth Resiliency Training Module by Tattfoo Tan


NERTM: New Earth Resiliency Training Module by Tattfoo Tan

This workbook includes guidelines for practical skills for basic survival including: knife skills, fermentation, food preservation, fire starting, solar power, sewing, knot tying, making shelter, using herbs, natural dyeing, cordage, cartography, water procurement & more.

“New Earth is finding the extraordinary within the ordinary
New Earth is good for figuring out life
New Earth: Art is something humans do on purpose
New Earth objects, tools and games serve a pedagogical function helping us to be conscious
New Earth: Thought itself is a form of energy, thought influences energy and energy influences thought
New Earth is learning from history in order to move forward into the future

New Earth Resiliency Training Module is a program that teaches an ethos of self reliance and of living closer to the earth, especially within an urban environment. Drawing upon its surrounding resources, it treats the city as a catalyst for building relations with various neighborhoods and communities. The program strengthens the resiliency of the neighborhood by activating young people and equipping them with skills, knowledge, and an adaptive world view. It also empowers youth by treating them as authorities of their own environment. Studying folk craft and tracing the genesis of ideas, objects and beliefs is an effort to re-wilding ourselves.”

Tattfoo Tan is an artist based in Staten Island, NY. He has a 2nd volume of NERTM from 2019 that looks at Spirit, as a survival tool. This 1st volume was done in conjunction with the City of Philadelphia’s Mural Arts Program & in collaboration with Michael Conrad (design & illustration).

Self-published, 2016

Volume 1, 1st edition

8.5” x 11”

36 pages

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