Rotationals by Sarah Klein


Rotationals is a two color Risograph book by artist Sarah Klein, inspired by the vanes of a windmill. During an artist residency in the Netherlands, Klein was inspired by the antique windmills of which many are no longer in use and the contemporary wind turbines gathering renewable energy from wind in the Dutch landscape. Klein abstracted the vanes of the windmill in this book as a play with movement. Each page presents an image sequence that can be animated through the mind's eye or by using a GIF app on a smart device.

Sarah Klein is a visual artist, educator and curator based in San Francisco. Working in animation and printmaking she employs drawing, paper cutouts and live-action footage to create narrative and abstract pieces. Informed by a decade of working in stop-motion, she continues to expand on the language of movement within print-based works. Using image sequences and repeated forms, she creates compositions that highlight the parts that make up the whole.

Printed at AGA LAB Knust Press, Netherlands, 2016
Edition of 100
8 1/2" x 6"

8 pages, staple binding

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