This Lush Little Meadow by critter


This Lush Little Meadow is a book of photography and prose by critter.

From the author: "This book is about flowers that aren’t coming back. It’s about little moments in a little meadow. It’s a book about loss. Surprise. Trying to hold on to things. It’s an exhibition catalog parading as poetry. Amateur poetry. It’s fiction; it’s fact. This book is about flowers that aren’t coming back."

About the author:

"I'm just wingin' it. This is a person who often does things in Raleigh North Carolina, claims to like both happen- and circumstance, likes delight and gentle breezes, also likes a prism's spectrum plopped on to its favorite pieces of plywood, likes certain foods now more than it will in the future, is occasionally diligent, makes a fuss about nothin' often, can't tell a story to save its life, can hide behind a smiley face, likes gettin' loose, likes friends, is more grateful when things are quote-unquote goin' well, prefers both a saturated brain and one that's unaware of its self, zoops, zarps, and/or at least used to, prefers being mesmerized, hasn't had too many bad experiences with synchronicity, plays stuipd games, dreams, oh god this is probably too much information also known as TMI."

Published by Things Change Over Time, 2018

First Edition of 120, revised

4.25” x 7”

72 pages

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