Welcome to Woodstock: Old Beer, Stale Hippies by Paul McMahon


A book of bumper sticker designs for the town of Woodstock by artist & musician Paul McMahon. The book, originally completed in 1996 after the 25th anniversary concert of Woodstock was held, again, not actually in Woodstock, but in Saugerties, NY 12 miles away. Paul still sells the bumper stickers with success in Woodstock.

More from the artist:

“As far as I can see Woodstock is currently the most famous town in the world. Ironically, it is famous because of an event which did not happen here, namely the watershed 1969 festival which people call ‘Woodstock’. In fact the event organizers were from Woodstock and planned to hold the concert here but the town turned them down and at the last minute they were forced to scramble to find a venue. Finally Max Yasgur, a farmer in Bethel, New York, about 60 miles southeast in Sullivan County said yes and the rest is history.
I moved to Woodstock in 1990. When plans for a 25th anniversary concert were announced, Woodstock once again refused to host it and it was held at the Winston Farm in Saugerties, about 12 miles from Woodstock in 1994. Being a little bit of a prankster, I envisioned erecting a sign at the edge of town that would say something like, “WELCOME TO WOODSTOCK; NO CONCERT HERE AGAIN THIS YEAR.” At that time poverty, sloth and cowardice combined to pose an insurmountable obstacle to such a sign actually coming into existence and appearing by the side of the road. Instead, I just kept coming up with lots more ideas for signs that I’d like to see welcoming strangers to Woodstock.”

Paul McMahon lives and works in Woodstock, NY where he runs an artist bed and breakfast called the Mothership.

Published by Shivastan Publishing on handmade paper from Kathmandu, Nepal

edition of 250

6” x 8.75”

27 pages

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