Wisdom Magazine, Vol. 1, no. 11, November 1956 (used)


Wisdom first appeared in 1956, published by The Wisdom Society, as an over-sized magazine with photos of intellectuals and artists on the front and back covers, as well as a feature of them inside. The Wisdom Society for the Advancement of Knowledge, Learning and Research in Education, was a non-profit educational publishing institution based in Beverly Hills, California. The cover photos were taken by Yousuf Karsh. The magazine was edited by Leon Gutterman. Cover stars included Pablo Picasso, Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln, Cecil B. De Mille, Eleanor Roosevelt, etc.

This issue's cover star is Helen Keller, one of few issues with a woman on its cover. The magazine includes a feature on Helen Keller, writing by Keller herself, articles on political parties, law, the supreme court, “The Superiority of the Modern Woman,” Raoul Dufy, prejudice, TV, faith & more.

Contributors include Frederick Mayer, Robert E. Merriam, John W. Bethea, Lewis Mumford, Katherine Kuh, Leon Green, Robert K. Carr, James A. Magner, Ashley Montagu, Leo Cherne, Jacques Lassaigne, Vernon A. Langille, Louis Kronenberger, Louis Binstock, Hal Stebbins & more.

80 pages

10.5" x 13.25"

vintage- some wear on corners of covers and some tearing on bottoms of pages, address sticker on back cover

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